Sire’s Crown Eco-Eyewear

(Clockwise on the artist easel: Dylan Thomas frame in Zebrano wood, Audrey frame with Bubinga wood, and Moorea frame with Italian Ebony wood)

While researching eco-chic products that are “mother nature” approved. I had to share what will eventually become an addition to my shopping list of future purchases. The must-have style I LOVE the most is the Hiroki (in Japanese it translates to “great tree”) color in Olive Ash Burl, price $350 (US).

(style: Hiroki, sunglasses in Ash Burl ~ also available in regular glasses)

(style: Audrey in Ebony wood)

(style: Audrey in Olive wood)

(style: Dylan Thomas in Surfboard)

These stylish eco-friendly eyeglasses are hand crafted masterpieces made from exotic woods that are sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The front part of the eyeglasses are made from a tree pulp & cotton fiber based composite called Mazzuchelli. The wood frames are coated with organic wood oils.

When purchasing / ordering a pair of Sire’s Crown glasses you can get a travel pouch made from linen & cotton or a hard case made from bamboo.

check out their website to order a pair click here: Sire’s Crown.