As everyone knows this seasons trends are animal prints and color blocking. Well, the “Literary Fashionista” in me has this secret love for shoes, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Pk.’s Literary Row, vintage cameras but especially vintage typewriters and the art of graffiti.

Earlier this year, while doing some research, I came across Kasbah Mod website. It’s a retailer known for their Rejuvenated Vintage Typewriters. It is exactly the type of style I would do for my home office.

I do like this Zebra skinned painted Olympia which is part of the Artist Series, a collaboration between Kasbah Mod[ified]and New York-based, Bronx graffiti artist, Luis “Zimad” Lamboy.  The other vintage typewriters have sort of color block thing going on. A trend many of us noticed on the runways this year.

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