About Haute Muse S♥cial

The Haute Muse Social, is the style, fashion, beauty, design and home decor addition to the City Muse Magazine. Its resourceful content is to offer creative inspiration to and from various cities throughout the world. It’s about connecting a diverse society of people to not only express their own style but also be inspired by and learn about the people in their community as well as those who are the up & coming designers, fashion entrepreneurs, style icons, fashionistas or just fashion enthusiasts.

The Haute Muse Social will introduce personal style; the authenticity of being original, eclectic, vintage, couture, radiance of beauty, bohemian, eco conscious, and classic elegance in the world of fashion; and exploring trends from the streets to the runways. Allowing your hearts desire and imagination to run free in glamour and luxury but share with its readers the best styles that will have you look like a million bucks with “working class” dollars.

If you like to let me know about your new product or business please email me directly. Thanks for visiting look forward to meeting you.

Pura Vida!



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