g♥ RED

For many years women have made it a priority to take care of everyone putting themselves last or not at all. It is common that women are unaware of the signs that they are suffering from a stroke or actually having a heart attack. When the blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked / blood clot a heart attack can occur. If the blood flow is cut off completely due to clotting in the artery within that part of the heart, it will begin to die. Strokes happen when the blood vessels that feed your brain gets clogged or bursts.

Women die more from heart attacks, strokes or develop severe & permanent disability. Oddly enough cardiovascular disease can be prevented when the right choices by deciding to make a major change in lifestyle.

Living a healthy or healthier lifestyle should be your priority to fight heart disease for yourself and a woman in your life!

Be Inspired! Get Active! Get Educated! Save a Life! check out the GO RED website.


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