Meet the Entourage

Founder / Owner / Creative VISIONeiress / Literary Fashionista / Rebel Goddess of Purple InK Media which publishes City Muse Magazine. As well as providing photos under p.InK.e. Muse

Well for starters, CM/CrissyM/p.InK.e. Muse are pseudonyms or best said a writer’s ‘pen name’. The heir to the royal throne of everything spiritual, healthy, humanitarian, cultural, & artistic; but most importantly living a life of purpose.

Christinamaria is an optimistic Bronx/Brooklyn native with a humble soul and a heart that flourishes compassion & love as vibrant as a peacock; as well as being headstrong with an energetic spirit to live in complete wholeness. Although she is a private woman, she has an aura of sensuality and a passion to not only exist but to LIVE the life she is meant to live — which are all true to her natural characteristics. Christinamaria is focused and ambitious about attracting all things positive, progressive, and prolific into her personal, business, and social relationships.

Her background consist of working at many levels in both the fashion and media industries, as well as promoting & scouting talent. By breaking free from fears, doubts, set backs, and those negative nay-sayers, she is progressively taking the necessary steps to bring into fruition all her dreams she has held onto. She is currently freelancing, building her entrepreneurial career, in pursuit of completing her degree, and getting back into unleashing her creative talents. With the universe conspiring to work with her she is destined to attract the right connections that will not only understand but truly get her vision.

At the end of the day what is most important is to be able to have a successful career that compliments her personality, creative talents, the freedom to travel again and the ability to give back to children through education and the arts. As well as create a platform for Women & Girls of Color (Indegenous/Latin/Caribbean/African/Indian/Asian) to not be afraid or silent about women’s health issues but become knowledgeable, aware and support each other.

In the meantime, Christinamaria’s journey to live an abundant, prosperous and prolific life continues. A simple and easy phrase she is fond of, is “Pura Vida” which translates to “Full of Life; Pure Life; or Purified Life.”


Marian Tong

Content Target: China and JapanPhotobucket

photo: Shanghai, China

Feel free to say hello and welcome Marian Tong as one of City Muse Magazine’s new Entourage, who will be contributing various content for the Haute Muse Social. Marian is excited to begin her new journey of exploring her creative talents as well as covering all things to do with fashion, beauty, style, design, and home decor within the Chinese and Japanese communities. This will be Marian’s first experience to explore her creative endeavors and I am happy she is inspired to begin her new journey here as one of City Muse Magazine’s Purple InK Entourage.

(bio about Marian and her photo coming soon…)



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